Wedding Toasts and Wedding Speeches Learn How To Make Them Memorable

Wedding toasts and wedding speeches are great fun and should be a part of the reception festivities.

Whether you are the person getting married, giving the toast, or you are just one of the guests, the toasts and speeches can be very enlightening, sentimental, enjoyable or just simply funny!

When it comes to wedding speeches, there are varying basic requirements or what you may consider some general expectations of what should or should not be said during these speeches. These requirements are dependent on your role in the wedding though.

Traditionally, there were less speeches and toasts being incorporated in weddings, but today an increased number of persons are being asked to deliver these speeches at weddings.

You have to be careful though when choosing persons to make toasts at your wedding. Some persons tend to go on for quite a long time when making speeches. This can be quite annoying to most guests, even though the bride and groom may be having fun listening to the speech. So please, make it as short as possible with all the important facts still in tact.

It is also traditional to have the speeches being done just before the dancing and partying begins. This is not caste in stone though, you may decide to do the speeches before the cake cutting, etc. However, whatever your decision, some thought has to go into the order of your ceremony and where your speeches and toasts will be done.

Wedding Toasts

You may choose to have the speech just run randomly but it is suggested that you plan who talks before who. You could also choose to alternate sides of the family, meaning somebody from the bride's family makes a toast, followed by a member of the groom's family,etc. This will create some form of balance.

Remember though that whatever order or format you decide to use, ensure that all your speakers and your emcee (MC) are aware of the order to reduce the confusion and keep everything running smoothly.

If for some reason one of your speakers decides to do a presentation using multimedia, with projectors, power-point and/or music, ensure that all the equipment are set up and tested beforehand.

Wedding speeches are made by mostly the maid of honor, the best man, the groom, the bride, the father of the bride etc.

These toasts and speeches are made to mostly the bride, the groom, the parents of the couple (it maybe to the parents of the bride and the parents of the groom separately) the guests, etc.

So plan your wedding toasts in advance and me sure to make it light and humoring to some extent.

Now, there are other speeches, quotes, toasts and jokes that can be looked at to include in your particular wedding toasts or speeches, whether it be:

Just ensure that you know the EXACT speech you are to make and get as much information as you can that is necessary to deliver that wedding speech!

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