Wedding Reception Table Decorations

Wedding reception table decorations are often overlooked or is only referred to as wedding reception centerpieces. However, the center piece is just a part of the table decorations like any other element.

The decorations can come in the form of simple to complex, depending on your wedding reception theme, color, or other personal preferences.

The tables at the wedding reception are usually decorated with a number of things. Some of these include, table cloths, napkins, centerpieces, utensils and other items that may be suitable for your wedding.

Now let us look at a simple thing as the table cloth. Most persons would just settle for the usual traditional all-white table cloths and try to get some color in it by using tassels or other materials.

This will be the case MOST of the times, but there are options available for having decorative or colored table cloths at your wedding reception.

Now I know you have your specific taste and preferences but you can also take suggestions from your decorator or even family and friends as it relates to the choice you make regarding your table cloth.


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The same would apply for the napkins. It is the norm to just go with the plain old white napkins because there is no need to get colored ones when you have other things with your reception color in it.

Now the suggestion can be as simple as to use the white table cloth with colored napkins' or the colored table cloth with the white napkins, or even both colored or both white.

Do you see where I am going with this?

Juggle your options and let your vision take control of how you see your wedding reception.

wedding reception table decorations

Another aspect of the wedding reception table decorations is the utensil decor. You know this will be the least of the headaches as at least ninety percent (90%) of wedding receptions just leave the utensils as plain as they are.

There is nothing wrong with that but you may even think about decorating the utensils at the head table (or bridal party table if you prefer).

What do I mean by decorating the utensils? A simple colored string or small ribbon tied at the bottom or handle of the utensils.

Now you may not have to put a decoration on ALL the pieces of utensils but you may decide to decorate just the forks.

Again the decision is yours and you can do whatever you want to do...

...just be creative!!

Now comes the part that most persons go crazy about...

... yes, you guessed it - the Wedding Reception CENTERPIECES!!

These are the center of attraction, emphasis on center, when it comes to the overal decor of the wedding reception table decorations. Centerpieces come in various colors, shapes, sizes, designs etc. So it is very easy to go crazy when you are trying to select the "right" one for your wedding reception.

It is not really difficult to decide on a centerpiece once you have an idea as to what you really want to see on all the tables in your reception hall. Just speak with your wedding planner or your decorator and share your views and listen to their opinions as to what is best for your wedding reception centerpiece.

Take a look at the wedding reception table decorations in the picture below!

wedding reception table decoration pink

Now, what do you think of this simple yet elegant type of wedding reception decoration?

Everybody has different taste, so some may say this is just too crowded with pink while others may love it. YOU have the final say as to what YOU want.

So now that you have the basic idea as to what the reception table decorations entail, go forth and start thinking about how you are going to have your wedding tables decorated and have FUN doing it!

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