Some Wedding Reception Games For Additional Fun

These wedding reception games can occur at different times during the reception and for varying reasons as well. You can have a centerpiece giveaway with lots of fun games, bride only games, groom only games as well games that will need the input of every guest present! So there is no required time to roll out these games if you are really considering using games at your wedding reception.

Here is a list of just a few of the wedding reception games you can try at your leisure! Let the games begin!

1. Tribute to the Best

This game is to give a little something back to your guests at the wedding reception. This is a really fun way to begin your reception and it serves as a warming-up tool to get persons really pumped to want to interact in your other wedding reception games throughout the rest of the evening.

The most sincere way to kick this off is by having your MC announce that you are giving away gifts to "The Best!". For example, you can give a gift to the couple that is celebrating the most years of marriage, the most attractive couple, the most loving couple, and any other couple you may admire, like even your parents who are separated but decided to come together and have a great time at your wedding despite their differences. That will get some reactions out of your guests!

2. Switch the Shoes

Wedding Reception Games

This wedding reception game is really straight forward. First both the bride and groom exchange one of their shoes with each other, then they stand or sit back-to-back in front of the guests. The MC will then find some questions to ask of the couple and they will answer by only putting up the shoe of who they think the shoe fits, figuratively speaking. An example of the questions that can be asked would be,
"who will do the laundry without being asked?" or,
"who will get the car serviced?" or even,
"who will fall asleep first after the wedding is over?" etc.

Whatever the MC finds to ask, ensure that it will not cause any confrontations at the reception (or even AFTER the reception, if you know what I mean). Everyone will have fun watching you both answering the questions.

Watch this video to see how hilarious this can be! Note though that they are not using shoes but a replica of a bride and groom.

3. Guess the Bride

This is a game for the groom. It is really funny when the reception is relaxed and people are willing to participate. First the groom is blindfolded and he is expected to guess his bride from just feeling the feet of about 5 persons or even by just feeling the faces, whichever works for you. Now the MC will choose randomly these persons and have them seated on chairs in FRONT of ALL the guests. To make this more fun you can choose anyone except the bride, and it does not have to be female. You can have a mixture of both males and females if you so desire, but ensure that the males pants leg are rolled up and the socks are removed.

Now you can either do both the bride and the groom with this game or you can choose who does it. But add your spin to it to see how it works. Here is an example!

4. Spontaneous Art

Get a basket and place ALL the names of the guests in it. Each guest will pick a name from this basket and is then given a paper and a pencil to make a sketch/drawing of the person on the piece of paper provided. Now chances are that some persons may even pick a name that they do not know, that is why this is a great game to get everyone to mingle a bit. These drawings can then be pasted in a scrap book for the couple's future viewing pleasure.

5. Guess the Ingredients

Now this wedding reception game is for all the persons who do not mind finding out what is in the food they are eating at the wedding reception. Get the caterer's permission to play this game because they may not want to reveal any special spices or ingredients that makes up their food. You will also need their assistance in scoring the answers. Choose a number of items from your selected menu, about three (3) is good enough, and have the name of the meal and some ingredients listed on a sheet a paper. Now hand out pens and pencils again and ask each guest to tick what they think is in each of the foods listed. The guest or guests with the closest matches will win a prize of your choice.

6. Feed Me, Feed Me

Just look at the name of this game. Just the name alone makes it sounds exciting!

Now, I think you know by now that marriage is all about teamwork, right?. This hilarious game is perfect for any wedding reception and it requires the bride and groom to communicate and work together!

You can start by having the bride sit on a chair and the groom is blindfolded. Place a food item in the hand of the groom and spin him around twice. He now has to listen to his wife's directions in order to make his way over to her to feed her the food that he has in his hand. As soon as he has accomplished his task, it is now time to switch roles and have the bride feed the groom in the same way.

Be careful though not to give the groom any food item that is too messy because remember that the bride is wearing makeup and her dress maybe a rental and you cannot afford to damage it.

7. Cherry on a String

This is a really exciting game and it puts the bride and groom in the spotlight because they are going to have to work during this game. So this is one of the most used wedding reception games!

All you need is the bride and groom, a cherry on a string, and a willing member of the wedding party to hold the cherry on the string. The goal is for the bride and groom to completely eat the cherry using ONLY their mouths. Now the volunteer must start by holding the cherry within close reach of the couple and lower and raise it to the delight of the guests. The game is over when the fruit is completely GONE!

8. Give Back the Keys

Now this is a game that MUST be pre-arranged during the absence of the bride and groom, maybe like when they are out taking photographs. It can only work though if BOTH parties have separate homes. When it is being arranged ask someone in the wedding party to quietly hand out some keys with instructions.

Now both the bride and the groom is given a basket each. The MC then announces that now that the bride is a married woman anyone with a key to her place should return it now. You can have lots of male guests and perhaps even the DJ come up and drop keys in her basket. Now it is the groom's turn. Maybe you can have only a guy and his grandmother drop a key in his basket. This is also one of those wedding reception games that always generate some great laughs.

Now these are just a FEW of the creative ideas that can be derived by you or any of your friends when it comes to wedding reception games. So feel free to use any of these ideas and twist them and modify them as is suitable for your wedding reception and guests.

Have fun with your wedding reception games!

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Know Any Great Wedding Reception Games?

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