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It is essential that you plan your wedding on a budget. This will ensure that you know how your money is spent and what you can afford to spend to get that dream wedding of yours. Therefore, budgeting is the way to go!

Let me give you some insights as to why this is so important!!

Wedding Planning Budget Guide

This is very important because the average wedding can cost anywhere between US$15,000 and US$25,000; and when I say average I mean average.

That is why you should ensure that all your plans are captured in a budget plan!

Below is a list that serves as a guide that has everything you need to know about budget planning when it comes to your wedding!!

Even if you have the kind of money, stated above, to work with it may still not be enough to cover ALL your expenses if you do not have a budget working with.

You can learn how to have the wedding of your dreams without sacrificing ALL of your resources.

Here is a list of what I call the "main areas" that pulls quite a chunk out of your wedding planning budget.

1. The Wedding Reception Venue

- The reception venue is probably the most expensive of all the "main area" that impacts your budget, and that is a given fact!!
Beach Wedding Reception

MOST, if not all, venues include food and limited drinks in their costs. Some even include music and decorating options.

Be sure to check the prices and packages thoroughly before accepting any venue that may break or bust your budget.

You may choose to select a friend or family member's lawn, your church hall or community center as a possible reception venue to cut your costs.

2. Wedding Food and Drinks - There are numerous ways to cut back on your food budget and still have a memorable wedding day. One such option is to select a venue that allows you to bring in your own caterers instead of using the venue's catering.

You may have some trusted friends or family members who can do the catering for you, but if that is not possible, try having an early wedding. This will give you the option to serve finger foods (hor d'oeuvres) or something light instead of the usual dinner menu, which is much more expensive.

wedding food table setting

Replacing dessert with your wedding cake is also a GREAT budget saver!

I know that offering a free bar to your guests seems like a FANTASTIC option, but if the budget is limited why stretch yourself thin.

Remember we are dealing with planning your wedding on a budget!

Nothing is wrong with serving just the complimentary drinks that come with the meal and bring in a few bottles of wine for the toasts.

Note though that a corkage fee may apply to the bottles being brought in. This is normally minimal compared to the option of an open bar offered by the reception venue.

3. Bridal Dress and Bridal Party Members Attire - The simplest option of them all is to RENT, RENT, RENT!!

Rent your bridal gown, tuxedo and the bridesmaids and groomsmen attire.

Bride and Groom Attire

To purchase a brand new gown or tux can cost you a tidy sum, and besides, it will only be worn ONCE anyway...

...unless you plan to hand it down to your daughter or son in the near future, which by then THEY will have their own style.

4. Photography - This cost varies. It depends on the package you want. This may include anything like the size of the photographs, number of photographs you want, video option, CD with digital photos to view later, etc.

So choose your photography options based on your preferences and your budget.

5. Wedding Cake - When it comes to wedding cakes most brides tend to fantasize about a " multi-tiered" cake beautifully decorated with all the trimmings.

Ahhh, it gives you a really heart-warming feeling just thinking about it doesn't it?

Yeah, I know.

Multi Tiered Wedding Cake

But remember that you are trying to plan your wedding on a budget and the price tags on these "multi-tiered" cakes are HUGE!

However, given your financial constraint you may opt for a single tiered cake that can be displayed on mounted props that will give you a similar effect.

The cake is always a problem area in wedding planning, but if you stick to the guide and plan your wedding on a budget you will be fine!!

6. Decor and Flowers

- Decorating your reception area is a MUST, no matter what type of budget you are working with. Flowers are a part of your overall decor, and together they make a memorable setting!
chrysanthemums bouquet

Flowers such as roses, lilies and orchids are expensive so you may opt for carnations and chrysanthemums, which are year round flowers and are usually reasonably priced.

They also come in a variety of colors, so it would be easy to get them in the color scheme or theme of your wedding.

Be flexible, however, on your choice for the color of your wedding.

7. Wedding Favors - Wouldn't you want your guests to take away something more than just beautiful memories from your wedding?

Of course you would.. handing out favors at your wedding would be a dream come true, because most brides dream of doing this!


...yeah you know where I am going with this,

we are about weddings on a small budget and these little "keep sakes" can add up to a hefty sum if you do not plan your budget according to your affordability.

Lavender Favors

So one suggestion remains valuable in today's day and age - be creative!!

Creativity is your best option, if your guests knew you created your own favors or had something to do with them, then they will ALWAYS remember you for it.

So I do hope you now have an idea of what affects your costs most and that you keep the focus on planning your wedding on a budget!

Wedding Budget Planning

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