A Few Wedding Invitation Samples To Help Spark Some Ideas

The amount of wedding invitation samples that can be found today are endless. Whether online or offline. This is because more and more persons are creating their own invitations with a touch of class and personality and are leaving samples for other people to use as a guide or to copy.

Wedding invitations can either be simple or complex, depending on the theme of the wedding and your preferences. So here are just a few examples of what your invitations can look like.

Note that these photos are only intended to show you an overall design of what the invitation looks like.

I will be supplying some sample wedding invitation wording soon to add to these, and more, fabulous designs!

Some Wedding Invitation Samples:

Wedding invitation Samples

This is great for a light colored wedding, especially a pink or rose-pink color theme.

Wedding Invitation Samples2

Another simple, yet elegant design. Can be done at home or can be sourced for less than $90 per 100.

Wedding Invitation Samples1

Now this is a set with all three(3) elements:

1. The invitation Card

2. The envelope, and

3. The Thank You Card

These packages are reasonably priced as well!

Wedding Invitation Samples4
Just look how this design looks simple yet elegant. You can make this yourself, it is very easy.

You can also try and find a supplier to give you a price quote. Ask them for the window fold wedding invitation.

Wedding Invitation Samples5

Now this is just ONE PIECE OF CARD printed on the back and front to make it look like a bookmark. How simple is that, and your guests can use it for as long as they want as a bookmark.

Talk about imagination and creativity!!

Wedding Invitation Samples6

Now, as fancy and graphic as this may look, it is just a special paper with printed words on it :-)

So this is in fact one of the easiest invitations to make at home. Just purchase a pack of designed paper and print your wording on it and voila!! you have yourself an invitation that your guest will remember!

Wedding Invitation Samples7

Do I really have to make a comment on this one? Look how beautiful it is. It is presented so elegantly; and do you know what the great thing about this is? You guessed it...

...it is very cheap to get a 100pack of these for your wedding, signed, sealed, personalized, and delivered!!

So, you do not need to waste a lot of time trying to find out how you can get that perfect invitation for your special day, just use your imagination, browse around online and offline.

There is a wide array of wedding invitation samples to choose from. Be careful though not to get too caught up in looking at everything, chances are you will find something else that you like after you have chosen a design!

It happened to me too, so I opted to make my own in the long run, and it paid off well in the end.

So make your choice based on what you think you can invest the time or funds into!

Be sure to check out Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas for wording information, samples and ideas.


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