Simple Wedding Favor Ideas That Will Be Remembered

Wedding favor ideas are endless when it comes to styles and prices. They are used in about 90 percent of weddings today. This is because favors are considered part of the wedding reception.

Wedding favors are what I like to call "appreciation tokens". This is because they are used to show your wedding guests some gratitude for them sharing in your special day. It does not have to be anything too fancy or that will cost you an arm and a leg. Remember that every penny count and you will be surprised how fast the cost grows when you multiply its costs by the wedding guest list total.

It is in the best interest for everyone, and it is also easier, to keep all the favors the same for all guests. This is so that you will be giving them all an equal opportunity to share the same gifts without anyone feeling that you were being biased towards them. It will also eliminate confrontations that will lead to persons fighting over a limited supply of one type of favor or trying to pick what they see as "the best favors".

Let me tell it to you straight. Whenever a wedding is being planned everyone seems to be always trying to think of just the right unique wedding favor ideas for their guests. This is not a bad thing at all, don't get me wrong, I am just here to tell you that you do not need to lose any sleep whatsoever over it.

There are some really simple and economical wedding favor ideas that will surely bring a smile to your guests' faces. Let me see if I can break down just some simple logical ones for you.

You can also share any ideas of your liking with us after you have read the suggestions provided!

Wedding Favor Ideas Tree 1. Say you are an outdoorsy type or environmentalist, one such idea could be to give your guests a tree to plant....

... now some may say you are crazy and that is not "glamorous", but the coolest thing about this idea as a favor is that friends and family members can plant that tree and watch it grow and mature as your marriage grows and matures.

Thoughtful isn't it?

Wedding Favor CD

2. Now, if you are the musical type, you can always compile a music CD of your all-time favorite songs as well as songs that you will be using in your ceremony and/or reception. They will remember your day every time they play that CD.

Trust me, people love music.

Wedding Favor Ideas Table Decoration

3. If you are strapped for cash but you are willing to live with the consequences of using this as one of your wedding favor ideas, then another gift idea is to ensure that your beautiful table decorations do not go to waste.

What I mean is that you may offer those as the party favor, but be careful because there is likely not enough for all your guests and I am sure that you do not want your guests fighting over things at your wedding!

Well I am sure you have some very mature, understanding friends so that would not happen to you :-)

Wedding Favor Ideas Cupcake

4. Now, I am a food lover and if you are too you can choose to do something along the line of food.

You can offer some tasty cupcakes or a sugar filled wedding favor idea like bowls of your favorite candy for your guests to snack on.

Be sure to have some little bags and have tongs or spoons to help them get the treats they want.

Wedding Favor Ideas Wine

Alternatively, if you have anyone in your family or even a friend that can make wine you can give your guests a uniquely labeled bottle of homemade wine commemorating your wedding day as another great idea.

You decide whether you want to make it alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Either way they will be drinking to your happy and long-lasting marriage!!


Now these are just some examples of ideas. There are probably lots of unique favor ideas that you can come up with...

...well not probably, there are a lot more that you can come up with. Just let your imagination run wild.

For example, a while back I heard of a tennis pro couple who gave out tennis balls with their names and wedding date stamped on them.

The names on this ball is not the actual names that were on them.

Wedding Favor Ideas Tennis Ball

That is unique but obviously that may not work for everyone including you, but there is something unique about you and yours (bride and groom) so give your guests something that they will consider to be just perfect and appreciate.

Remember, favors are optional, so if funds are budgeted tightly or if favors are not a part of your priorities, there is really no need to go out of your way to get these "keep-sakes" or tiny gifts.

Also remember too that your wedding favor budget should be in line with the rest of your celebration. That means that your theme and/or color scheme should play a part in choosing your wedding favors.

It is also said that traditionally, favors are paid for by the bride's family. However, as time has evolved I am sure that you know that traditional wedding rules are never caste in stone. Both family or sets of parents can divide the favor costs right down the middle.

I can go even further to say that alternatively, you and yours can pool their own finances and pay for every detail of their wedding themselves. The choice is yours!

It is important that you plan your wedding favor budget with the reception costs so that you will have a complete understanding of what your overall costs will be.

Have fun with your wedding favor ideas!

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