Wedding Dress Styles - A Quick Guide

Wedding dress styles are very important because the wedding dress is often noted as the "talk of the event".

It is deemed by the majority of women as the most important aspect of the wedding, next to the reception.

A lot of time is spent by the soon-to-be-bride on getting that "perfect" look and feel of the wedding gown. This is why it is very important to know how to go about choosing a wedding dress.

All of that is based on some factors that I will be exploring to give you a better understanding of what to do or not to do when it comes to getting your wedding dress.

First and foremost, you will WANT to have a wedding gown that will have the guests wondering who your stylist or designer is. However, you do not have to let the selection process take up most of your time while that time could be spent on other finer details of the wedding planning process.

wedding dress styles

In order to do that you will have to take into consideration some of the following factors:

  1. You will have to know what category or body shape you belong to. By that I mean you need to know if you are in the category of either -
  • Slender - which means that you are small in width as compared with your length and/or height, or in other words long and thin and having a slim, trim figure.
  • Hour glass - which means that your bust and hips are nearly the same size and your waist is 9 inches or more smaller than your bust. This means that your vital stats would read 36/24/36 for example. Your bust and hips may be smaller or larger than the 36 inches, but the main factor to note is that your waist is usually 9 inches or more smaller than your bust, which will give you a curvaceous figure!
  • Pear shaped - meaning you have wider hips, thighs and bottom with narrower shoulders and smaller bust. People usually think that Pear Shaped women are overweight, this is not so because you may be slim and pear shaped.
  • Well Endowed - simply put, this is when you have large breasts; or you may be
  • Petite - being that you are short and have a small, trim figure
lavender wedding dresses

Knowing your shape category will better assist you in finding the right dress for your frame that will look magnificent on your wedding day.

Take a look at the lavender wedding gown above! Today, you can get wedding gowns in any color you desire!

So whatever your body shape you will have a dress to fit you "perfectly".

You will have a wide variety of styles, shapes and cuts to choose from which includes:

Be sure to also check out wedding gowns from different categories, preference or situations!

Some examples would be:

  • Maternity Wedding Gowns
  • Vintage Wedding Gowns
  • Designer Wedding Gowns
  • Plus Size Wedding Dress Styles
  • Summer Wedding Gowns
  • Short Wedding Gowns
  • Simple Wedding gowns
  • Informal Wedding Gowns
  • Red Wedding Gowns
  • Modest Wedding Gowns
  • Cheap Wedding Dresses

And the list of choices can continue beyond the scope of this website.

Have Fun Selecting YOUR preferred wedding dress from the numerous wedding dress styles available!!

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