A General Wedding Checklist -
Write It Down To Remember It!

No two wedding checklists are the same for the reason that no two weddings are the same. That is why I recommend finding a general checklist and alter it to suit your preferred need.

Keep in mind that there are two of you in the planning process, so try and include your partner in as much of the checklist preparation process as possible to avoid any misrepresentation or misunderstandings.

A wedding planning checklist can be prepared in any form. You can decide to do a general list of items that you need to be a part of your wedding planning process, or you can just simply use the timeline to ensure that your plans are going as you scheduled.

My suggestion is to use both, for reasons you will see later.

First, make a general list of the items that you know will be included at some point during the process and then you can make a timeline as to when what is to be done to get the best results.

Wedding Checklist

I will be sharing with you an example of what you can include in your general checklist and then you can get an idea as to what you can include in your timelines for different time frames.

Your Suggested General Wedding Checklist

This checklist will have specific headings for easier accessibility, but you can generate it in whatever way you feel comfortable doing.

Having the items listed under special headings though will give you a better picture as to what to include in what area as you make plans for your wedding. You may even go as far as to try and make the list as ordered as possible ranging the headings from rehearsal to honeymoon.

However, this may be too time consuming as you can always edit the list as you go along as long as you have ALL the necessary items listed.

You may choose to include items under headings such as:

  • Apparel
  • Rehearsal (can be broken down into ceremony rehearsal and rehearsal dinner if needed)
  • Reception
  • Ceremony
  • Flowers
  • Stationery
  • Gifts and Wedding Favors
  • Honeymoon
  • Photography
  • Miscellaneous
  • Rings

So as started earlier, no two weddings are the same so no two wedding checklists will be the same.

I can give you an idea as to the content that can be listed under some of the headings in your wedding checklist.

Under Rehearsal you could list items such as:

Anything relating to what you would want to have at your rehearsal dinner.

Under Flowers you could maybe have:

  • Bride's bouquet
  • Boutonnieres
  • Throw away bouquet
  • Centerpieces
  • Bridesmaids Bouquets
  • Corsages
  • etc.

Then you could list under Stationery items such as:

  • Invitations
  • Announcements
  • Reply Cards
  • Postage
  • Thank You Notes
  • Wedding Programs
  • etc.

Now I think you get the general idea as to what you can have included in your general yet specific wedding checklist. It is now up to you to start trimming, pruning, adding, and fine tuning to have at the end of the day a checklist that refelects your true vision of your wedding planning efforts.

Note: Making too many last minute additions and changes to the list may result in you forgetting something important at the end of the day.

So my advice is to take your time and sit down with your spouse and brainstorm and generate ideas that you both would want to have as part of your wedding, bearing in mind all cost cutting measures as well.

See the Wedding On A Budget page for assistance with your budget planning. And you can sign up to my e-zine to get a FREE copy of the "Wedding Planning Basics Budget Guide".

Have a great time planning your wedding checklist!!

Now after you have generated your general checklist, you can go ahead and do a checklist for each time period, stating exactly what you want to accomplish during these periods. This break down is what we call the "timeline."

The most commonly used timelines are:

Go ahead and check them out individually.

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