Are Wedding Cake Designs Important?

Wedding cake designs are indeed very important to most, if not all, bride-to-be's. This is because the wedding cake will have its own little hour of fame in the wedding reception ceremony where photos will be taken of the cake and the bride and groom cutting it.

Now just like the wedding dress, most brides will go all out to get their wedding cakes designed by the best cake makers, as long as they can afford it and it is a major part of their budget. However, if the wedding cake design is not as important to you then you can get a really elegant cake for even 80 percent less than some of the designer cakes being created by these master bakers.

Note: Cheap does not mean inferior!!

This is why it should be discussed with your spouse to get an idea of what both of you like and to come to a common ground on a specific cake design. This common ground can be based on a number of factors namely:

1. The cost

2. The decorations

3. The height

4. The actual design

5. The color scheme

6. The flavor...

...and as many other factors as is deemed important to YOU!

Remember, everything that is being planned for this special day is based on YOU and YOUR PARTNER'S preferences. So be sure to make it a team effort.

Now, even if you know beforehand that the cake design does not really interest your partner, it would still be in your best interest to ask the relevant questions just to rule out the assumption factors that may cause conflict later on.

Wedding Cake Designs

Now, when you are choosing your wedding cake designs be sure to ask ALL the relevant questions that you can find to your cake maker or designer as well as give them all YOUR ideas. After all, it is YOUR wedding cake so you should have some say in it, even if they are suggesting some really exquisite deigns to you.

Some questions that could be asked may include:

  • How long will it take to actually create the cake?
  • What are the flavors that can go best with this particular design? (being that you have decided on one already)
  • What are your terms of payment? (meaning do you have to pay total cost up front or you pay 50% now and the other 50% upon completion, etc)
  • Does the overall cost of the cake include all factoring costs such as taxes, delivery and set up at the reception?
  • Do you have any written document(s) as it relates to Terms and Conditions that I need to know about?...

...and many more that you can think of that will suit YOUR desires.

So remember, the wedding cake designs that you may see and have an opportunity to choose from has a whole lot of varying factors that you need to take into consideration when going cake shopping.

Do not get sucked into the flashy and glimmering sales pitches that are offered that will let you spend what you cannot afford to spend. Keep it within the budget and within your liking.

All the best selecting your perfect cake from series of wedding cake designs!!

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