Planning The Wedding Ceremony

Planning the wedding ceremony requires a lot of focus and dedication in order to ensure that you have ALL the important elements involved that are needed! However, some persons take the wedding ceremony for granted and they only care about the reception details.

The ceremony can be described as a public proclamation or marriage between two people. It usually involves the exchange of wedding vows and the symbolic presentation of gifts to each other in the form of rings.

Though it seems to get the least attention of the lavish affair, it is the most important hour or two of ANY setting; whether it is a small, intimate, medium, large, or extravagant wedding!

Here are a few important elements that you need to remember, or at least have some of them involved in your ceremony.

Wedding Ceremony

1. Location - Contrary to beliefs or tradition, the ceremony does not have to be performed in a house of worship. There are outdoor locations and other sites that can make the ceremony both spiritual and memorable.

These may include private or public lawns, beaches and poolsides.

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2. Wedding Programs - Wedding programs may be customized to compliment the color scheme of the wedding location and the theme. Wedding Program Sample

Weddings in the summer may have a fan-shaped program due to the fact that during that time of the year it is usually hot.

A beach theme wedding may feature something like a seashell design. Even though there are varieties to choose from, you may opt for the traditional programs depending on your personal style!

Keep the theme or color scheme in mind when planning the wedding ceremony.

3. Ceremony Decorations - No matter where you decide to have your ceremony, there must be some form of decoration to fit the theme of your wedding and the color scheme. Be sure to make it within reach of your budget or else you will run the risk of under-budgeting another important aspect of the wedding.

Wedding Ceremony Decoration

Some typical decorations include floral arrangements, which can cost a pretty penny! You may choose to go for candles, balloons and bows to reduce the spending on decor.

A simple method to remember the extent of which the location should be decorated is to remember that decorations should be placed at the entry way, along the aisle pews or chairs and at the altar.

This is a simple, yet effective, method!

4. Aisle Runner - The purpose of the aisle runner in a lightened sense is to make the bride feel like royalty on her special day. However, the practical use is to protect the precious white or ivory wedding gown hem and train from dragging through the dust, dirt and grassy areas.

While the most popular color for runners is white, you may choose to use a color that complements the color scheme and theme.

Aisle Runner

Here are a few other elements that you may want to check out and be sure to take note of for when you are planning the wedding ceremony!

5. Bridal Party Members

6. Ring Bearer and Pillow

7. Flower Girl and Basket

8. Wedding Veils

9. Sand or Unity Candle Ceremony

10. Wedding Songs

11. Wedding Vows

12. Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

13. Jumping the Broom

14. Guest Book

15. Bubbles, Rice, Grains or Confetti

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