Basic Guideline for Planning A Bridal Shower

Planning a bridal shower takes dedication and time and it is ideal to have a your plans started as early as possible because showers are usually held about 6 weeks before the wedding.

That being said, you will need just about 6 to 8 weeks to plan this special event. Therefore, a detailed guide is outlined below to give you as much assistance as you need to get your plans on the way.

You can copy this easy to follow guideline that I usually give to my friends to use when they are planning their bridal showers!!

Note though that everything outlined in the guide may not apply to your specific situation or need.

Six to Eight Weeks Before the Shower

  • Set the time and date
  • If you are planning on hosting the event at a restaurant or club, be sure to reserve the date
  • Get the caterer's information if you are planning on using one
  • Prepare a guest list. Be sure to get assistance from other friends and family members if it is a surprise shower.
  • Choose a theme
  • Think about decoration ideas
  • Decide on the games that will be played, if you decide to have games
  • Start preparing the invitations (whether by making them or purchasing them)

Four to Six Weeks Before the event

  • Start searching for anything you may need to borrow or rent for the event
  • Shop for your gift before you forget due to the hecticplanning schedule
  • Have an idea of the menu. If it is a family or group effort, ask persons what they will be willing to contribute.
  • Send the invitations including RSVP
  • If you will be rewarding persons for participating in the games, be sure to know what the prizes will be and start shopping for them
  • If it is a formal party you may purchase place cards to be filled out nearer to the time of the party

Two to Three Weeks Before Event

  • Wrap your gift so as not to forget due to planning
  • Purchase and wrap favors for guests (if you will be having favors)
  • Ensure that you have enough wrapping paper in stock just in case you have persons with last minute gifts
  • Start gathering your decorations by either making or purchasing them
  • Put your shopping list together for the ingredients you will be using to prepare the food. (if using a caterer you will not need a list)
  • Contact the caterers if it is being catered
  • Make contact with friends who will be bringing food
  • If the shower is being held at a restaurant or club, confirm reservations
  • Check tables and chairs to ensure you are properly stocked
  • Inspect table cloths and napkins
  • Check the quantity and quality of the serving dishes and utensils
  • Make plans for space to be used to play games

Final Week Of Planning a Bridal Shower

  • Call persons who did not respond to the invitation
  • Fill in the place cards for those attending
  • Do a final check of the recipes and get all the otheringredients that were not purchased
  • Items that can be prepared and frozen should be done now
  • Ask neighbors and friends to store some of the frozen foods for you if you need extra storage space
  • Get to cleaning. Have your house or destination cleaned
  • prepare what you will be wearing

One Day Before the Shower

  • Inspect the venue for any minor cleaning details
  • Ensure you have sufficient ice
  • Set up a gift table
  • Get some plastic garbage bags ready for trash
  • Have someone write a list of the gifts and who gave them
  • Get extra chairs if needed
  • Arrange for the delivery or pick up of the flowers
  • Make, purchase or pick up the rest of the food on the menu
  • Decorate if possible and wash all utensils
  • Make arrangements for any special transportation needs

Bridal Shower Day

  • Be sure to arrive at your destination about 30 minutesbefore your guests arrive if the shower is being held at a destination other than the home
  • Create the ambiance in the room
  • Get assistance from someone to cover any last minute details
  • Have some light refreshments available
  • Be prepared to introduce your guests to someone as they arrive
The above bridal shower checklist is just a set of guidelines that will assist you with planning a bridal shower.

This guideline was what I used (actually, what I gave to the maid of honor and the bridesmaids to use)for planning a bridal shower for my fiance at the time, because it made the process easy to accomplish.

You may add or delete any of the suggested bullet points to suit your desired needs.

Happy planning, and have a great Bridal Shower!

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