Popular Marriage Proposal Poems

Marriage proposal poems are becoming more and more popular these days. During earlier years, men found it somewhat easier to express their true feelings in such as way that is was very poetic. some of the greatest marriage poetry came about simply by expressing one's feelings for a loved one.

Today, marriage proposal poems are used more frequently to express sentiments of love and eternity rather than just the plain old "will you marry me" line. I guess more persons are realizing that expressing their feelings goes far beyond the scope of the "norm."

I have searched for a few romantic marriage proposal poems that I would love to share with you. Just give them a read and see if you could produce something like any of them when it comes to making that proposal.

Note though that the best poem, in my opinion, comes directly from your heart. So use these as guides and just say what you mean when that time presents itself.

Sample Marriage Proposal Poems

These two are by Fara S a.k.a. Ebazaar


"No, I can’t keep this a secret no more And no, since my heart has stopped conflicting with doubtful thoughts
lately in my prayers, everyday every night I say two things to God

The two things I needed most in my life
That is you, that is love
For perhaps without you, I knew no love
Oh, and there’s another thing I asked of God
Last night with such strong hopeful desire
So that He’ll open your heart and say ‘I do’,
Right when I say ‘will you marry me?’"


"Been living out of selfishness, out of freedom
Time has come when angels claim their rights
To loved and be loved is a blessing
The one thing that I’m only able to see now
The ‘I’ now, been blessed with a world
A world without ‘I mustn’t lover her’
A world without questionable
thoughts of whether
‘is this the right thing to do, or not’
And there’s only one thing
Right now at this moment
I’ll make a lifelong promise
To be with you till the end
Through bad and good times
So take this hand, this heart and this silent vow
Will you marry me, my darling?"

This one is by Alex Chriss

"In less than hour
Since last time I saw you here
Many thoughts came by
More than just predictions

That someday from now on
We may romantically involve
In our depth love affair
Continuously unbroken

Would you take the part?
To be my lover all your life
The time will change me a bit
But hopefully not my heart

And I don’t want to hear a no
‘Cause I left all my life before now
To show you that you’re the only one
I ever got left to live

Love me now and tomorrow
And the next day, and the other days
Until we get old, after we die
And in our graves, I’ll love you always"

M.I. Pernar wrote this one beautifully. It is entitled...

A Lover's Pledge

Throw down a blanket and sit beside me
On dew covered banks and soft grasses.
A lifetime's tomorrows I'll spend with thee
Each new day, the last, surpasses.

There'll be music and song and love ever after
And people will smile when they see
The love that we bear, the joy and the laughter
And the children that rest on your knee.

Will I still love you when day turns to night
And the leaves rustle dry on the ground?
Will I still hold you when green turns to white
And winter gales rage all around?

Mountains may crumble, the seas roil and tumble
But ne'er will my heart's fire diminish.
While fainter hearts cool and lesser men stumble
I'll be there still at the finish.

Be my love now and take now our vows,
To be faithful and true to each other.
Each other's by vow, we'll be, then as now,
A husband, a wife and true lovers.

These marriage proposal poems are very beautiful. I couldn't help myself but to gather a few more for your reading pleasure.

This short but to-the-point poem was written by Brian Zouch

Love is the reason why this day
Was chosen by you both
To begin your lives together –
And love is the reason why you both
Will give with all your hearts
For the good of each other.

Love is the reason
That together you will become one –
One in hope,
One in believing in life and
One in sharing the coming years.

Marriage proposal poem by N. Jules

Nobody can call my name smoother than you do
Nobody can laugh at my flaws as if it’s a natural part of me
Nobody sees me as me, as much as you do…
Nobody ever count the many dreams I had
Nobody ever understand the pain in my smiles
But yet you do, you’ve always been able to
And nobody can replace you in my world
Realizing that, now I’m asking you
To be with me all throughout your life
I’ll see to your pain, sadness and joy too
Like you did to mine
I’ll strive to bring you your happiness
Like you’ve given me all this while
So won’t you be with me all throughout your life?

Check this one out by Murad Shah

One greatest flaw of human beings
Is desiring what they couldn’t have
but no,
that’s not always the case
I’ve always wanted wings, so that I could fly
To be right beside you when you needed me
But oh my! How am I misguided
It’s not wings that I need
But a ring I should seek
For you,
To wear all your life
As a symbol that you’re always mine
And so I am yours all the time

I tell you, these poems just keeps getting better with time. This last poem is by Natasha Niemi, and the title is...


It took me awhile
But I finally asked you on a date.
The years have passed by,
And we have grown together.
I feel in my heart
That we are forever.
Each night that we are apart,
My heart is pierced with a burning dart.
Please tell me
That wonderful things last forever
By agreeing to be in my wife
For now and always.
Marry me.

What are you views on the above marriage proposal poems? Do you think you can produce something as romantic as these. Well no problem. I want to hear from you. Express how you feel right here on the wedding-planning-basics website. Pour your heart out to your loved one in asking her to marry you. If you are even shy to present it to her, you can give her the link to this page and let her know that you wrote a poem to her for the whole world to see. She can then read it and share it with her friends to show just how special she is to you.

Now, don't be too shy or afraid. Share your marriage proposal poems and have your spouse saying "yes" to your proposal in fine style.

You may submit your poem below...

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