Maid of Honor Duties and Responsibilities

The maid of honor duties are very important and as such is equally demanding.

This is because the maid of honor is the second most important person of the wedding...

...the bride is the first most important of course :-)

And as such you are deemed to be the bride's best friend and number one assistant.

However, there are some duties/responsibilities that needs to be performed from the get go.

The most important of these responsibilities is to sign the Marriage Certificate as a witness to the legal document. This is the easiest as it relates to task but is crucial as you will be testifying that you were indeed a part of the ceremony and that you agree with the marriage.

Maid of Honor Duties

Before the wedding ceremony it is likely that the bride will need your assistance in selecting her wedding dress as well as the bridesmaids dresses. So one of your maid of honor duties is that you should at least have some input into this process.

Do not get carried away with the selection process though, because, remember that it is still the bride's day so HER decision is final in ALL the matters!!

Still on the matter of attire, you are also responsible for purchasing your own dress unless otherwise stated by the bride before hand!

The wedding ceremony starts with you being walked down the aisle by the best man.

You will be the closest to the bride so you will have the privilege of holding her bouquet during certain parts of the ceremony.

Your travel arrangements will be with the bride for most of the day so you have to be on the alert to assist her where and when necessary.

If there is the option of a photo shoot, which is usually before the reception, you will have the right to be there to compliment the glamor and radiance of the bride...

... not that your own radiance won't shine :-)

This by far is the most boring of the responsibilities, yet the most important. Why I say this is because the other responsibilities are a whole lot of fun!!

You could also be asked to give a maid of honor speech at the reception, but this is a choice so be not afraid to decline if you do not want to.

Ahh yes, because your roles were not presented in any particular order I saved the best for LAST -

YOU, yes I said YOU the "honorary lady" will have the oh so fun-filled responsibility of planning the bridal shower also known as the bachelorette party.


Told you your job function will be fun!!

Bridal Shower Theme

So just grab your responsibilities by the horn and have LOTS OF FUN doing them!!

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