Groomsmen Duties and Responsibilities

Typically, groomsmen duties are seen as not important because all these groomsmen do is accompany the bridesmaids.

People also often see groomsmen as males that just sit at the head table and make themselves comfortable and have fun, :-)

Well history has it that they were seen as the groom's bodyguards, which would give them the responsibility of ensuring that no harm or danger crossed the groom's path that will prevent him from marrying his bride.

Now that is what I call responsibility!!

Well that is still the case for some weddings. In other settings, they (the groomsmen) can also double as ushers.

When I say usher I mean they would have the responsibility of seating persons at the reception, greeting the guests and taking the women of the couples and leading them to their respective seats.

More fun again right? ;-)

They can also seat persons to either side of the bride and groom - if this is an option then they ought to know which side is which.

That is, it is the Christian tradition to have the bride's family members and guests sit on the left side of the ceremony venue and the family members and guests of the groom on the right.

Like everybody else, the groomsmen should be a part of the photo shoot and will be seated at the head table.

They will usually be dressed somewhat similar to the groom and the best man.

In MY case it would be different, because I was dressed in a cream suit and they were all in black suits.

Just wanted to be outstanding you know, :-)

Groomsmen Photo Shoot

If you are purchasing or renting your tuxedos then they will be responsible for their individual costs. They have to show up for rehearsals and assist with picking up the suits.

Renting is more budget friendly but most persons really do not like to wear what others have already worn, as in my case. I am not bashing rentals, just a matter of preferences, OK?

So my groomsmen decided to ALL purchase their suits because they would have the chance of wearing it again due to the fact that is was a black suit.

Other groomsmen duties include gathering single young men to catch the garter, load the wedding gifts in the car, being a part of the photo shoot, etc.

So the list of groomsmen duties is not ALL that bad, he just needs to be there on time and represent for the groom and himself in the most reliable and responsible manner.

Oh yeah, they even get to assist with planning the bachelor party! What a great role!

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