Flower Girl Etiquette and Duties

Flower girl etiquette and duties are equally important as those of the other bridal party members.

It includes the girl (or girls in my case) walking down the aisle directly in front of the bride.

Some people may have them walk down in front of the bridal party but traditionally she only walks in front of the bride so as to scatter the rose petals on the aisle runner for the bride to make her entrance.

It is as simple as that.

Even though the flower girl is a great addition to the bridal party, she is by no means necessary if you did not make any preparation for her in your budget!

But if you decide to include the one or two in your party, she is usually a young member of the family.

Flower Girls

She can be either the bride and groom's own children, a niece, a cousin or a close family friend's child.

She is usually between the ages of three(3) and eight(8).

My girls were 3. When I say my girls I mean the flower girls, they were not my children. One was the maid of honor's child and the other was the child of the bride's cousin!

Just look how cute they were...

Adorable Flower Girls


Flower girl etiquette and duties also include standing with the bridesmaids or sitting with family members, it all depends on your preference.

The flowers in her basket may or may not match the colors of the wedding. It all depends on you. However, it would be a great addition to have the colors all blending at the end of the day.

Most people have trouble getting the girl or girls down the aisle, especially if they are a bit young. But if you have someone that is willing to do the work for you to ensure that they are well rehearsed, then you have no problem.

I had the assistance of some cousins as well as guests that were seated near the aisle. Everybody was just so helpful.

You know the stigma attached to the bride being the ONLY person to be wearing white at her wedding? Well as part of the flower girl etiquette, the flower girl may be allowed to wear white or is allowed to wear white and get away with it. She can also opt to wear any other color matching the theme and color scheme of the wedding!

A lot of persons always ask me if she is a part of the bridal party!

YES, YES and YES!!!

Of course she is. She is just as important as anybody else in that party.

Therefore, she should be included in the bridal party members photo shoot. She may be a bit too young to sit at the head table, but you could have a table specifically for her or them and have adults sit with them to ensure they do not mess themselves up.

Do not underestimate the power of children and their behaviors. They may even be some of the better behaving guests at your wedding.

Children can be so adorable that they may do or say things that will draw attention to themselves and lighten the atmosphere of the ceremony. So please, be patient with whomever you choose for your flower girl(s)!

Be sure that they are properly supervised in order for them not to get carried away when they start getting a bit agitated. Let's face it, the wedding ceremony is long and most young children get bored easily. So leave room for restlessness on their part!

Now that was a pretty straight forward explanation of flower girl etiquette and duties, right?

Just be sure to check if you will be able to accommodate one or more of them at your wedding.

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