How To Prepare and Deliver
Engagement Toasts and Speeches

Preparing and delivering engagement toasts or speeches is like preparing and delivering any other type of public speech. Most persons find it difficult to even start let alone get to the end of their toast. However, there are some guidelines that you can follow to assist you with your preparation and delivery of a toast at any occasion.

You can follow all or some of these guidelines when you are preparing for and actually delivering your toast.

Engagement Toasts Pre-Requisite

Engagement Toasts

Before delivery be sure to prepare and rehearse as much as possible. Give yourself a lot of time to gather your thoughts. Keep in mind your audience and the nature of your toast. This will have you avoiding making an inappropriate toast.

If you are naturally fluent at making speeches then rehearsing will not be your choice. I am sure you are not that fluent and comfortable that is why you are here to get some advice. Am I right...? Of course I am.

The practice will make it a lot easier to deliver on the day because you would have already known the material comfortably.

Another tip to keep in mind before delivering your engagement toast is that you can keep the information on cue cards. This way you will have your most important points laid out in a way that you can expound on them with just a glance at the card during the presentation.

Some of the information that you can keep on the cards may include:

  • how the couple met
  • when you saw that the relationship was serious
  • any hobbies or interests the couple share
  • information on family background
  • dreams, hopes and aspirations for the way forward
  • etc.

You may include others, but the above is just a guide as to what you can include in your engagement toasts.

Content Creation

As with any other speech or toast, the pattern to follow is always the same. Prepare an opening remark, go straight to the body copy, and make a great conclusion relating to what you just talked about in the body. Here is a list of what you may include in the entire engagement toast.

The opening:
Be sure to introduce yourself because not everybody at the engagement party will know you or your relationship with the couple.

Make a welcome statement. This should include welcoming the parents of the bride, the couple themselves and the other party guests. If you want to mention names where possible you can do that too.

The body:
Talk about the couple. Include things like how you guys met, how THEY met, some stories about your friendship etc.

Speak to their future together and what you hope and expect from them as a married couple.

The conclusion:
Share your wishes for them having a successful marriage and family life.

Complete by asking the guests to raise there glasses in toasting the newly engaged couple.

Actual Delivery of the Engagement Toast

Engagement Toast Delivery

The very first advice that I can give you about delivering engagement toasts is to keep it simple. A toast does not have to be long and complicated. Just get to the point while delivering it and your fellow guests will appreciate it. You will have the assistance of your cue cards if you decided to go that route.

It is very important that you stand when you are delivering your toasts. Standing does not only serves the purpose of allowing the other guests to see you, but also to have your voice projected a bit more.

Humor is always good, so feel free to insert some in your toast. Ensure though that it is clean and positive. You do not want to making a joke about something embarrassing from back in the days that was to be kept between friends.

Smiling while delivering the toast will make it flow a lot better. If your guests see you smiling while giving this speech, then they will likely be more interested in what you have to say, as long as you keep it within limits. You must not be smiling in a way that will affect your speech. Simply put, do not over-smile.

After delivering your toast be sure to raise your glass and ask the guests to follow by doing same. Doing this will signify that the toast is now complete and that your newly engaged couple is being acknowledged.

Now the above information on engagement toasts serves as a guide to assisting you with your personal development as well as delivering a great toast. Use as many of the tips as possible and implement your own ideas and you will be delivering a great engagement speech!!

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