Wedding Engagement Announcement

Making an engagement announcement is very easy to do and there are a million and one ways to get the word out about your future wedding.

There are a few things that you can consider when you are thinking about making and announcement.

Let us take a look at some of them.

As soon as you are engaged and in that excited mood and you want to share the good news, what better way to do it than to tell your immediate family and close friends first.

It is only right to let your parents know first. When I say "parents" I mean both sides, even though the bride's parents are usually told first. This is not an issue as long as the groom's parents are brought up to speed immediately afterwards.

Now if this is not your first marriage or even if it is and you have children outside of this present relationship, it would be nice to share this important engagement information with your children. This will ensure that whatever problems or hard feelings arise will be dealt with as soon as possible before the rest of the world knows about your engagement. It also serves as a reminder and reassurance that this new spouse will not replace them in your heart.

If you have siblings and other close family members such as grandparents then you should ensure that they are brought in the know as soon as possible too.

A very important point to take note of though: This announcement should not be made at somebody else’s wedding - period!!.

Engagement Announcement

You can decide to publish your engagement announcement in the newspapers. If this should be your decision you should take note of the following:

  • Most publications prefer to publish the announcement between one and six months before the actual date of the wedding
  • The bride or groom should make it a point of duty to contact the publisher(s) of choice in order to find the particular procedure and time.
  • The publishers may provide you with a basic standard application form to be completed with information including, but not limited to the following:
    • first, middle, and last names
    • names of parents and their hometowns, if necessary
    • current job title and name of employer
    • date, time and location of wedding
  • The publisher(s) will sometimes only accept professional photographs to be published with both the engagement and the wedding announcements
  • Some, however, have space limitation requirements and can only accept just one photo. You will need to agree with your spouse on which announcement you would prefer to accompany the single photo
  • If the parents of the groom lives some distance away from the bride's parents, then the bride's parents should be able to provide all the necessary information for the wedding engagement announcement in the groom's hometown publication(s). This is because it is NOT traditional for the parents of the groom to make the announcement.

You may also decide to make it at an engagement party. Gather up a few family and friends and then pop the news on them just as how the proposal was just spontaneous.

Wedding websites are becoming very popular and seems to be the best way to get the information out to the vast majority at no extra monetary cost, just a bit of your time to get it prepared and up and running.

Now this is not a site to create a wedding website but you can surely share your engagement news here by submitting your wedding engagement announcements below.

It is free and then you can tell your family and friends to view "your page on this site with your information.

So choose your mode of getting the information out and make the best use of free alternatives.

Have fun with your engagement announcement.

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