Empire Waist Wedding Dresses
Gives You A Taller Look

Empire Waist wedding dresses are those that fit tightly around the bust line.

This makes the rest of the bodice fall straight downward to the hem.

These dresses are usually paired with sleeves or wide straps or a square neckline.

They are similar in nature to A-Line Wedding Dresses because of its versatility to accommodate various formalities.

Empire-waist dresses have been popular for centuries as the dress of choice. It is most suitable for brides with a smaller bust. So if you fall into the small bust category then this will be a choice for you.

It makes your bust appear bigger because of the dividing line in the fabric. It is also a great choice for brides who have "less-than-perfect" hips because the straight line makes your figure appear thinner.

Consider These Points:

  • These dresses fit well on most, but not all, body types.

  • It is, however, especially suited for brides with a smaller bust size because it tends to draw attention to the neckline creating some definition.

  • You may choose to add some accents and/or fabric embellishments, such as the capped sleeve or some bead work. By doing this you are drawing attention to your chest and neckline, which therefore creates an illusion of a fuller bust.

  • Strangely enough though this style of wedding dress can also work to hide a large bust... ...So don't be saddened if your bust is a bit on the large side.

Empire Waist Wedding Dresses

It does the hiding of the large bust by minimizing and controlling the size of your breasts due to its traditionally square neckline. Unlike some other necklines, such as the scoop neck or v-neck that accentuates breast definition, the Empire’s square cut modestly covers the large breasts.

  • The unique style and cut of empire waist wedding dresses are also great for covering other unwanted body features. These features include short legs, a pear-shaped figure, or long torsos. The dress easily leaves these areas undefined because it flows from directly under the bust line.

  • Pregnant women can also benefit from the unique structure of the empire wedding dress. The reason for this is because of the fluidity of the dress, which can more than accommodate a growing belly!
Maternity Empire Waist Wedding Dresses

Additional Information

There are a wide variety of options available to you if you should so choose the empire waist wedding gown as your preferred gown.

For example, you may choose your sleeve length from the following categories:

  • Long sleeve

  • bell sleeves - which are good for a winter wedding

  • sleek sleeves

  • or sleeveless - which is a design that is perfect for an outdoor summer time affair.

Another choice of variation could be the skirt style.

This variable on the empire cut dress can have it flowing freely or contouring to your body. This choice really depends on the silhouette you want to produce.

Satin Strapless Empire Waist Wedding Dresses

Now Let Us Talk About The Type Of Fabric

The lighter the fabric is, the better it is for you and the dress. Reason for this is that the lighter fabrics will allow for the most freedom of movements in addition to the flow from the waistline.

Using layers of silk chiffon over the base fabric will produce a very romantic effect. This is especially if those layers are tiered or are arranged in the form of a petal style that will overlap in the front.

Another great fabric to choose from would be lace. Lace can add texture and detail to a very simple design. Yes, it is that good a fabric.

Empire waist wedding dresses are also perfect for contrasting two fabrics.

Example, pairing a detailed "brocade" bodice with a very simple satin skirt.

So it is imperative that you go out and have a look at the various styles of wedding dresses out there and make your choice accordingly.

You may even decide to choose one of the styles available for the empire waist wedding dresses.

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