Diamond Wedding Rings Are True Gems

Diamond wedding rings are THE MOST POPULAR rings to be purchased today.

The reason for this is simply because diamonds come in all different shapes and sizes.

Note though that diamonds are by no means CHEAP, but you will be able to get a diamond wedding ring that suits your desires at a reasonable price fitting to your budget. So don't think they are out of your reach!

It does not have to be a BIG diamond that everybody will see before they even see you, but it has to have some form of significance to YOU, your taste and your budget.

Diamonds are unique stones that takes time, patience and precision to get that PERFECT cut that will make your ring look and feel the way you want it to...

... yes, it is like your own custom-built ring.

Diamond Wedding Rings

This is by no means YOUR duty to know or have the requisite skills to do, however, there are a few things you can keep in mind when you are shopping for diamonds.

Having the simplest of knowledge can make the difference between you choosing a diamond that is dull or a diamond that sparkles in a way that you will feel proud of wearing!

Let me brief you on a few of these simple "tid-bits" that won't hurt you to know when shopping for diamond wedding rings.

1. Diamond Cut

This is THE most important aspect of dealing with diamonds.

What the cut does is determine whether or not it will sparkle and have brilliance or will be dull. So the cut does not actually mean the shape of the diamond, even though the diamond has to be cut into a shape.

So the cut of the diamond is really its proportion as it relates to depth, width and uniformity.

However, here is a basic list of the many different cuts that you will see and hear about as it relates to diamonds!

Diamond Cuts

2. Clarity

When we speak of diamond clarity we are speaking about a diamond free of imperfections.

You see, diamonds are created or mined from the earth so they WILL have imperfections in them. Some may be visible while others may not be. So the fewer these imperfections are, the higher the cost will be...

...I think you would have expected that to be so, didn't you?

So when you are looking for diamonds, look for those that you cannot see the imperfections in with the naked eye. That way you get good clarity!

And where there is good clarity, there will be GREAT SPARKLE!

Check out this little chart on diamond clarity.

Diamond Clarity Chart

3. Colour

The color of the diamond ranges from transparent to brownish. Some jewellers may say from clear to yellowish. You may not have to know this because you are not so keen to these details.

However, for your information, the transparent diamond is the most rare and valuable...

... That's a given!

Just for additional information, diamonds have grades, and these grades are categorized by letters, namely from D to Z. Most jewellers will only sell diamond of a certain grade, mostly from the D to J groups.

So be sure to check out the diamonds and ask the jewellers if you can view their charts and see what grades they are selling. Some jewellers will be willing to show you while others will refuse to make you even take a look at the diamond wedding rings in detail. So be careful!

This is an illustration of the color chart!

Diamond Colour Chart

And this gives you a better view of what the REAL diamond will probably look like if you should see one up close!

Diamond Color Chart

4. Carat

This is what I am sure you have heard at least once in your life before you even dreamnt of choosing a diamond wedding band.

Am I right?

The carat is simply the weight of the diamond. So I guess you will get the idea that the more the carat is, the heavier the diamond and hence,the more it will cost.

Take a look at the chart below to see if you get an understanding of the "caratage" of a diamond!

Diamond Carat Chart

5. Cost

What I just explained above is what you might have heard being classified as the FOUR C's of diamonds: cut, color, clarity and carat!

These are THE MOST important factors to consider when shopping for diamond wedding rings because it will affect the overall cost.

That being said, the cost may be considered as another important "C" to you, if you are working with a wedding planning budget. And I am sure that you are!

So do not be afraid to ask about prices for your budgetary preferences and affordability.

Now that you are equipped with the basic, yet helpful information about diamonds and shopping for diamonds, I urge you to use this knowledge to get that diamond wedding ring that you have always dreamnt of!

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