Cheap Wedding Invitations
Are Still Elegant

Getting a set of cheap wedding invitations to issue to your guests is what most persons are doing today.

I am sure that anyway you can make the wedding budget as light as possible you are going to be practicing this strategy too.

Now, not because the invitations will cost you little or nothing to produce means that it has to actually look cheap.

There are a lot of places, both online and offline, that can produce a set of invitations for you that will be both elegant and cheap.

That is, you can get them for as little as $50 per set of 100 invitation package (inclusive of envelopes and rsvp cards).

cheap wedding invitations

For my wedding I designed my invitation myself and asked a friend of my wife's to print them out for me. Not that I am an expert at graphics but I wanted to give it that personal touch. It took me about an hour to get it sorted out and my wife's friend printed it at no charge. Yeah that's right, no charge!

It does not get any cheaper than that!

So if you have any friends or even if you yourself can produce something that you think will make you feel good and happy when you issue them out, go ahead and be creative.


...if you really do not have the time or resources to do it yourself and you have that extra $50 or even a little more in the budget to go out and pay for a set of 100, you may choose to go that direction!

Either way, you will have some really great cheap wedding invitations that you can be proud of to issue to your guests.

cheap wedding invitation example

And do you know what the best part about that is...

.... only YOU will know how much it costs you in either time or cash or both, **wink**.

Check out these Wedding Invitation Samples and use your creative minds to get the ideal set based on your preferences.

Have fun designing, creating, or making and printing your invitations yourself or getting them for pennies on the dollar!!

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