Basic Bridal Shower Ideas for Smooth Planning

Knowing about some basic, yet important, bridal shower ideas can make the difference between a well planned bridal shower and a disorganized one.

For most brides-to-be the bridal shower is a very important part of the wedding activities. The aim is to make the bride feel special before the actual day by pampering her and "showering" her with love, gifts and games.

So even if you have the greatest bridal shower ideas ever, the most important aspect of those ideas should be to plan a shower that suits her preference(s) and for it to be remembered by her and all the guests present!

Bridal showers today are becoming more and more "theme-based parties." It can also be referred to as a bachelorette party. When I say theme-based I mean planning the shower with decorations, food, gifts, etc that will fall in a specific category such as "naughty or nice", "western cowgirl", "pretty in pink", and a whole host of other ideas.

There are a lot of themes to choose from or even ones that you can create from your own imagination. Anything goes when it comes to these showers.

So there are a whole host of elements that relates to planning these parties. Some of these elements include:

Bridal Shower Pink Theme
  • bridal shower gifts
  • bridal shower games (whether fun, exotic, subtle, etc)
  • bridal shower favors
  • bridal shower themes
  • bridal shower decorations
  • food
  • etc

Because there is so much to do to get this party off to a banging start you will have to do most of your preparations before hand. That is why I have included a suggested checklist or timeline for you to use as a guide to get your bridal shower ideas flowing.

This will make planning more fun than work!!

I will be giving you an idea as to the details involved in the items listed above.

First you need to have an idea as to the elements included in the timeline/checklist.

When Planning a Bridal Shower you really do not need a planner to do anything for you as long as you have the right guide and the drive to get the tasks done. So a timeline or checklist is all you need.

Take a look at this Planning A Bridal Shower checklist. It assisted my bridesmaids and maid of honor when they were planning one for my wife!

***Yes I assisted them with the plans! No big deal about that.***

So have fun going through the bridal shower ideas and plan the best bridal shower ever!

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