Know Your Best Man Responsibilities

The best man responsibilities are not as intense or as much as the maid of honor duties.

He is what you would call the "right-hand man" of the groom. Most persons believe that all he does is plan the bachelor party...

...but I beg to differ.

Not saying that the bachelor party planning is not a part of his functions but he has other important roles to play as well.

Just like the maid of honor, he is responsible for signing the Marriage Certificate as a witness to the legal document. That in itself is a very huge responsibility because he is attesting to the fact that he was a part of the ceremony and he agrees with it. He also has the responsibility of making sure the groom is looking his sharpest at all times for the bride.

Here is a photo of my best man or "right-hand man" fixing my tie at the wedding ceremony location (church)!

Best Man Fixing Groom's Tie

The best man is also responsible for the wedding ring sets which includes ensuring that the rings are ok and are presented to the presiding officer when that time comes. He is not really a ring bearer but he can serve as one if a ring bearer is not a part of your wedding ceremony.

This is a very important task that he has to perform because just imagine him losing or forgetting the wedding rings on your wedding day. That would be devastating!!

So he has to be highly responsible and reliable to be honored with the best man responsibilities.

Best Man and Maid Of Honour

He will also have the privilege of walking down the aisle with the maid of honor and like all the other bridal party members he will have the chance to get his glamour on at the photo shoot just before the reception.

He is normally asked to give a best man speech or toast, which is usually directed at the groom and he is also expected to be entertaining.

He could even be asked to serve as the MC for the evening at the reception, but this is optional because this could be a way to involve someone else that was dying to take part in your wedding to be your MC.

Now the very best thing about being a best man is that he gets first preference to ALL the single ladies in the bridal party!

What do you say about that?

Now that is a factor that most best men will agree with.

To put a closure on things I will definitely say that it is therefore very important to have the best man responsibilities given to someone who is reliable, trustworthy, entertaining, and responsible. This will ensure that the wedding will be one step closer to what you dreamnt your wedding day would be like.

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