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Ball gown wedding dresses are more famous than any other type of dress available out there. This is because they have that "traditional" look and feel that most brides dream of having this type of dress for their choice of wedding gown.

There are options relating to the choice of sleeves that can be selected with your preferred ball gown.

The dress can either be fitted with the:

  • Three-quarter length sleeve - which extends from the shoulder down to the forearm. It stops somewhere right between the elbow and wrist. This style of sleeve gives you a sense of cover up that does not cause you to feel restricted in any way.

The three-quarter length sleeve accentuates most dress styles and also many levels of formality, including most body types.

Or it can be fitted with the:

  • Poet Sleeve - which is a type of sleeve that runs down to the forearm and then flares outward creating a resemblance to that of the "Shakespearian Era".

    There are ruffles at the end of the sleeve that can either be made of the same or similar fabric as the other part of the sleeve, or they may be made to have a contrasting effect which will create a more dramatic statement.

    An example of a perfect fabric that would create that type of effect would be lace.

Ball gown wedding dresses are perfect for brides who envision having a fairy tale type of wedding. This type of silhouette is paired with a fitted bodice with a full skirt that can either be just a single piece or separate pieces.

It can be noted that the ball gown wedding dress is best appropriate for larger, traditional type weddings where the dress or gown will be in conjunction with the event's formality.

Consider the following:

  • The ball gown dress is most ideal for the slender or pear-shaped body figures. This is because the full skirt will help to accentuate the waist while simultaneously hiding the lower body. Keep this in mind, even though the dress style can also accommodate most body types.

  • If it is that you were "blessed" with a large bust, then this particular dress style will assist with creating an hourglass look. This is due to the fact that it emphasizes the waistline because of its fitted bodice and natural or dropped waist.

  • Be also cautious of that fact that ball gown wedding dresses can produce false and unwanted illusions.

  • If you are a bit on the short side you have to be very careful because you may have difficulties balancing the size of the skirt.

  • Also, instead of the gown complimenting the full-breasted bride's figure, the skirt could actually make her look somewhat larger.

Remember to Keep the factors listed above in mind when considering to choose a ball gown wedding dress!

Additional Information

Similar to the A-line or princess cut dresses, the ball gown supports a wide array of different necklines and sleeve lengths. Various combination of all these elements can create different looks for a whole lot of many different occasions.

For example, If you are having a very formal or traditional wedding in which you are expected to be covered, choose a ball gown wedding dress that has a portrait neck and a pair of long sleeves.

Doing this will ensure that you are covered while also showing your femininity.

It is also easy for you to achieve a dramatic effect by selecting a strapless ball gown paired with opera length gloves.

On the flip side, if you should want a simple, elegant look, then I would suggest you select a sleeveless gown with scooped neck bodice that flows all the way to the ground.

There is also the option of having a train. Trains go very well with the ball gown wedding dress because the structure of the skirt is able to balance the weight of the train.

Whatever preference you have, Whether the long theatrical look of the cathedral length train or the subtle look of a brush length train, ball gown dresses are able to accommodate this type of "traditional" feature.

Different fabric choices adds different effects to the style and aspects of the ball gown. For example,

  • using satin or chiffon for the overlay will create a clean, elegant and traditional type silhouette.

  • Some beading and/or lace work added to the bodice, paired with satin skirt will definitely grab your attention and have your guests focusing on your upper body.

  • A light and fluffy kind of layer on the skirt will assist in creating a type of floating effect.

  • The ball gown can achieve its volume in varying ways. Example: Adding a layer or two of fabric such as taffeta, organza, or tulle to support the structure; or using a crinoline or petticoat to give you the same effective support.

So use all the necessary information you need and require to get yourself an exquisite ball gown wedding dress, if that is your choice of style!

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