A-Line Wedding Dresses -
Truly Made For Princesses

A-line wedding dresses are another very classic silhouette. These dresses, as the name suggests, looks much like the shape of a capital/uppercase "A" or an inverted "V".

The dress usually has a tapered top, a sloped waist and a flared skirt.

A-line dresses are more suitable for "flatter" women who sport figures that are heavier in the hips and the waist.

These dresses have a shape that is fitted around the bodice and flows outward right to the ground. They tend to flow fluidly from the bust area right trough to the hem with an unbroken line.

Its classic, yet simple style, makes it appropriate for any occasion, whether it be a quiet backyard celebration or a traditional church ceremony.

A-Line Wedding Dresses

Things To Keep In Mind

  • A-line wedding dresses have a versatile shape due to the fact that it can accommodate many different structural elements, including some horizontal seams that will help to define your waistline. It also boasts a separate bodice and skirt that features some contrasting fabrics.

  • The A-line wedding gown's look and style is dependent upon its length, which ranges from anywhere above the knee, giving you an appearance of a "fun and flirty bride", to a full-length dress that flows into what is known as a "chapel-length" train for those more traditional brides.
  • The A-line wedding gown is suitable for almost, not all body types.

  • It features some long lines that will create the illusion of height on a shorter body type. It will also look good on a rounded figure body type because it will give you a "slim down" type of appearance.

  • It has a full skirt that can hide a large lower body type female, or it may create an illusion of curves on a narrower frame body type.

  • The A-Line wedding dress can be worn with the "capped sleeve".

    Capped sleeves hug just about at the top of the shoulders. They may be made out of the same fabric as the bodice or out of contrasting sheer, lace or silk, which will give you a "barely there" type of look.
  • Capped sleeves are usually found on delicate dresses. Note though that this type of sleeve is best suitable for women with slender arms because this look will be getting the attention of your guests who will be focusing on your sleeve area!

A-Line Wedding Dress With Capped Sleeve
  • Due to its versatility, a few simple modifications made to the neckline, waistline, or even the type of fabric can accentuate your best features and cover up those that you are not so proud or confident of showing off.

  • The look of the A-line/princess wedding dress can be altered depending upon your choice of additives. For example: Lace overlays or some beaded work can make a very simple A-line/Princess dress appear more formal; while just a hint of your choice of color for a ribbon or even a bow can make an extremely stylish statement.

Like the Mermaid Wedding Dress and the Ball Gown Wedding Dress, the style of A-line wedding dresses can support various fabric choices. This all depends though on the look and/or feel you desire.

For example: If you want a simple look, the choice of "free-flowing" silks like charmeuse would be the best option. This is because charmeuse allows the dress to hang naturally, which in turn creates a soft feminine silhouette.

A-Line Princess Dresses

However, if you should so desire a more "structured appearance" that will emphasize the continuity or flow of the A-line style, it is recommended that you choose heavier fabrics that can maintain shape. These types of fabric include "peau de soie silk" or "satin".

You will get a similar effect when you use fabrics such as organza, or other supporting fabrics that are used to layer the skirt to create a fuller look.

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