3-6 Months Wedding Checklist -
It Is Getting Really Close!!

Your 3-6 months wedding checklist is the list that will definitely show how organized you are or have been.

If you had a 12-18 months wedding planning checklist, and a 6-12 months wedding checklist, then this list should not be exhaustive at all.

This timeline shows that you are really close to your wedding date and that you really have to get down to the "nitty-gritty" of the planning!!

That means, most of the items on this list will be for you to just "FINALIZE" and ensure that all bookings and confirmations are in tact.

Again, this 3-6 months wedding checklist is just a suggested list so it would have to be tailored to match with your preferences.

Your Suggested 3-6 Months Wedding Checklist

  • Finalize your guest list.

  • Finalize the caterer and reception details.

  • If you are planning on staying in a hotel on your wedding night, reserve the bridal suite now.

  • Finalize wording for all stationery and order it. Stationery such as cake boxes, ribbons, invitations, programs, etc.

  • Locate and order wedding rings.

  • Finalize ceremony arrangements with officiant, including marriage license and any other legal documentations.

  • Select gifts for each other

  • Select gifts for bridal party members

  • Choose a hairdresser and reserve your spot for a hairstyle trial as well as the actual wedding day styling.

  • Choose a make-up artist and book for your trial as well as the wedding day.

  • Hire vehicles for the bridal party, if necessary. You will need to decide what sort of transport you need and where the two parties are getting ready.

  • Confirm with all bridesmaids that dresses and shoes are organized. Be sure to have them try everything on before the wedding day.

  • Decide what wedding favors you would like and make or order them now.

  • Ask special guests to do readings or take part in the wedding ceremony in any other way that you would like.

  • Decide on who you would want to be your Master of Ceremonies (MC). This can either be a guest or a professional MC. Check with your DJ or the person in charge of your reception entertainment because sometimes they will also MC functions.

  • Choose the music for your ceremony and reception. Think about what song you would like to be playing as you walk down the aisle and sign the register. Think also about what song you would like to play for your first dance wedding song.

  • Choose and purchase your bridal accessories such as your veil, headpiece, jewelry, lingerie and shoes.

  • Choose and buy groom's accessories such as his shoes, cufflinks, tie pin, etc.

  • Make a decision on the choice of accessories and shoes for the bridal party and organize for your attendants to try on shoes. Jewellery is an excellent gift for your bridal party.

  • Decide and book any additional decorations that you require for your ceremony or reception that are not included in your regular decoration package. These may include items such as red carpet, chair covers, disposable cameras, butterflies to release, etc.

  • If you are intending to try new beauty services (such as tanning) or different hair colors for the day, now would be a good time to do a test run to avoid any nasty surprises on your day.

  • If you planned a diet and exercise regime, start it now.

  • Pick up your invitations or print them yourself and start addressing them.

  • Confirm fittings and delivery date of your dress.

  • Talk to the maid of honour and best man about the bachelor party and bachelorette parties and any bridal showers that you choose to have. They will need lists with names and addresses of who you would like to invite.

  • Hold your hair and make-up trials. Try to ensure they are on the same day and do not forget to take your veil and headpiece with you. Also, while you are looking fabulous, ensure you have got a great night out booked to release some planning stress.

  • Purchase anything required for the honeymoon, including tickets and lingerie

  • Work out wedding day times before you need to confirm bookings.

Now look at that...

...after you went through the 6-12 months wedding checklist you thought this 3-6 months wedding checklist would be much shorter and easier to execute, right?

However, this is around the time the wedding planning gets really serious because you have a lot of confirmations and finalizing to do. So don't make it bother you too much it this list seems long,

After all, it is just finalizing and confirming all the work that you have done before this time period.

Can you guess what the next timeline would be?...

...Did you say the 2-3 months wedding checklist?

You are absolutely correct.

Check it out to see what you should be doing around this time in your wedding planning journey!!

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