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Having knowledge of some wedding planning basics makes it a whole lot easier to plan your dream wedding. It takes a lot out of you to really put your mind into planning a great wedding and as such it is always good to get as much information as you can get to assist you with your planning process.

wedding planning basics

This is where this site comes in, to give you the necessary tools and information to plan or help with the planning process of your dream wedding.

Before I even decided to plan my wedding a couple of questions were thrown out to me like,

"What are your plans or ideas for your wedding?"

"Do you know anything about wedding planning?"

These questions were not that difficult to answer because I had done a lot of research and have been to a whole lot of weddings in my lifetime to really know what I wanted to see at mine and how to get things done.

Wedding planning is so much fun when you have the right set of tools and information at your fingertips. All it takes is just information about your preferences and taste.

Some of the most important factors to keep in mind includes, but is not limited to:

So you do not need to panic in any way, shape or form because ALL of those categories will be centered around YOUR preferences and you can do as you please because it will be your day.

bridal party members

Make the wedding planning process fun though by doing it as a project that you and your spouse can both take part in to create that "perfect" atmosphere!

Friends and family too can join in the planning. Share the fun and make YOUR wedding day a day to remember because you had the basic "know-how" of what you wanted and how you wanted it to be done.

14k matching goldwedding rings

So have fun planning your dream wedding and be sure to get all the wedding planning basics information you need right here!

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Table of Contents

Wedding Planning Basics - The Blog
"Wedding planning basics - the blog" has all the info you need for your wedding planning endeavors and more!
Wedding Engagement Overview
Wedding Engagement is the first step towards getting to the altar to say "I Do" then on to a lifetime together. Why not get ALL the information you need to know about engagements here!
The Ultimate Wedding Checklist
No two wedding checklist are the same, however there are elements that can be found on every checklist that will assist you with your wedding planning process.
Wedding On A Budget
Find out how you can save BIG by planning your wedding on a budget to get the most out of your plans!
Bridal Shower Ideas to Assist With Planning
We have some great bridal shower ideas that will make your plans flow smoothly! These include some fun bridal shower games, food, themes, etc.
Some Planning The Wedding Ceremony Guidelines
Want to make sure you have all the important elements in your ceremony? Here are a few things to remember when planning the wedding ceremony!
Cheap Wedding Invitations Explained
Get some ideas about some elegant, yet cheap wedding invitations. Get the most out of your budget without having to worry!
Bridal Party Members Selection Tips
Know how to select bridal party members that will compliment your theme and your preferences. Too many persons in the bridal party may cause confusion and frustration!
Wedding Ring Sets Are A MUST!
Get the most important information on wedding ring sets and types of wedding rings.
The Wedding Dress Styles Guide
Searching a list of wedding dress styles does not guarantee that you will find the one you desire. It takes more than that to choose from the wedding dresses catalog. Get in the know here!
Wedding Reception Ideas
Wedding Reception Ideas are numerous. You can do just about anything you want or like at your reception, because it is yours!
Wedding Cake Designs
Wedding Cake Designs differ in a lot of ways, but at the end of the day they will all look great to the person who wanted to get a particular design. Again, that is due to preferences!
Make Your Wedding Toasts Memorable
Most wedding toasts and wedding speeches are long and boring. Why not get some ideas as to how to present some really great short and spicy toasts and speeches that will have your guests wanting more?
Some Great Wedding Favor Ideas
Wedding favor ideas are endless when it comes to choosing the right set for your wedding. Check these out and more!
Wedding Songs Are A Must
Music and dancing are two of the greatest elements to have at your wedding. Here are some wedding songs to choose from!
Marriage Proposal Poems
Marriage proposal poems are being used more often now than ever before. Proposing is an art and if you are not a poet, you can use some of these to assist you!
Destination Wedding Planning
Destination wedding planning has been a major part of the wedding industry for years. See how you can get the best out of planning a destination wedding.
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